Take Action!

Senate Bill S1683

The laws that exist in NJ governing construction debris and “clean fill” are not clear enough or strong enough to prevent this situation from happening elsewhere. This bill will strengthen regulation of solid and hazardous waste and include the soil and debris recycling industries and allow for enforcement of violations.

This bill is currently in the Senate Appropriations and Budget Committee, where they will allocate funding necessary to allow this bill to function as effective legislation.

We ask that you contact members of the appropriations committee to encourage their support for Senate Bill No. 1683. Senator Oroho has pledged his support, and Senator Greenstein is one of the co-sponsors, maybe consider sending them a Thank You note.

Choose a couple talking points below – whatever you feel strongly about – handwrite a letter or note to the appropriations committee. Their office addresses are linked here.

  • this bill will protect other communities from becoming victims of unregulated disposal of soil and construction debris
  • it is not a partisan issue, all of NJ is potentially affected
  • it aligns with NJ’s recent Environmental Justice initiative to protect poor and minority neighborhoods
  • include a personal message related to how the dumping on Silver Spruce specifically affected your life
  • NJ has a long history of receiving solid-waste from other states and we should look to end that
  • do what you can to protect the Highlands Region which provides drinking water for millions of NJ residents
  • it will not create additional hardship for those already operating licensed recycling/disposal businesses
  • this bill will expand enforcement abilities and penalties
  • it holds dirt brokers accountable for certifying their materials are not potentially dangerous to groundwater, surface water, or human health and that they are disposed of properly