Dumping from 2008 through 2018

  • 2008 – The project initially began as preparation for a cell tower, but never made it through the permitting process.
  • 2014 – After a Compliance Check NJDEP cited property owner for operating a Solid Waste Facility without obtaining a permit.
  • 2015 – NJDEP issued a further warning letter and requested paperwork and certification of the materials being dumped. Those items were never satisfactorily produced.
  • 2015 – Sussex County Soil Conservation District issued a SWO for lack of erosion controls in place and failure to submit engineering plans for site.
  • 2017 September – Property owner pleads guilty to illegal dumping of contaminated debris to 6 locations in Warwick, NY.
  • 2018 May – Municipal judge fined property owner $75000 for illegal soil dumping. Property owner appeals judgement.
  • 2018 July – Rep. Josh Gottheimer visited site. He wrote to NJDEP and EPA asking for clarification and testing of the materials on the site.
  • 2019 January 21 – PAID rally at Silver Spruce to bring visibility to the issue
  • 2019 February 8 – PAID rally at DEP offices in Cedar Knolls.
  • 2019 February 22 – NJ Attorney General filed complaints in state Superior Court for operating an Unlicensed Solid Waste Facility after samples collected came back with levels of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon (PAH) and lead above residential standards.