PAID Update July 8th 2019

Hello PAID supporters, friends and neighbors!

It has been a busy time for all of us!  Believe it or not, in a short 7 months, we have accomplished a lot together! From cold weather rallies at Silver Spruce to Senate hearings and fighting for new laws to stop illegal dumping, we have had made some terrific progress.

The Board Members of PAID thank you for your efforts and support in these endeavors. We must continue fighting for the rights of the residences of Vernon for a safe, clean environment. This battle is far from over.

Recent activities:

  • EarthFest at Heaven Hill – Was great sharing our message in person.
  • PAID hosted a county wide symposium held at the Appalachian Hotel in Vernon in May. This was well attended by government officials from Sussex county towns and residents. This in turn has engaged other towns to developing strong ordinances aimed at stopping illegal soil dumping.
  • We are staying vigilant on attending the Wallace vs. Vernon trial in Gillette. We are continuously following up with emails and phone calls to the NJDEP, and the Attorney General of NJ.

Upcoming activities:

  • Bill S1683/A4267 just recently passed the NJ Senate with a 37-0 vote approving the bill.
    •  Now it is has been referred to the NJ Assembly Environment & Solid waste committee.
    • Once reviewed and approved, it will go to the full NJ Assembly to be voted on. Hopefully in the fall.
  • Developing a letter writing campaign.
    • Our plan is to reach out to the 80 Assembly people in our legislature in NJ with a personal letter by mail asking them for their full support in approving bills S1683/A4267.
  • Our next Public Meeting is planned for September 17th, 2019 at the Appalachian Hotel 7 pm.
  • Keep an eye on this site as we post the next court hearing dates.
    • The next court hearing is currently scheduled for July 25, 2019 9 a.m. in Gillette.

In closing our mission at PAID is to support the laws that enforce the regulations of dirt brokers and trucking companies in the illegal dumping of soils, recyclable materials and construction debris that impact our water and air.
Have a great summer, enjoy your families and stay safe.

Thank you for your support!