Sussex County outreach meeting in the works

The Board has been working closely with Sylvia Petillo, Freeholder and Jim McDonald, Sussex County board of health to set up a county wide meeting to assist the citizens who are concerned about the illegal dumping going on in their communities.

We are a board of 6 volunteers, who came together out of concern for what was happening here in Vernon. We are not paid, give up our time with our families, pay our own expenses, and have a fire in our bellies to combat illegal contaminated dumping in this state.

We will be posting more information on the meeting after we have found a venue. We are seeking a place to hold a meeting, that will not charge a fee, and holds a large group. If anyone has a suggestion, or knows of one, please contact us. We appreciate any ideas.

This meeting will be advisory, explaining how we put together a plan in 2 weeks, and put it in action. This is to help towns become their own advocates for their residents. We will not be taking on your battles, only advisory. You must be your own advocates!! That is critical.